Friday, October 15, 2021


Two students are called to the master for review of their school assignments,

Petr was found to have failed and is therefore doomed to suffer a just and severe punishment.

Already resigned to his fate, Petr gets severely punished with the riding crop and spanked with a heavy hand by the master and his mate.

On the orders of the master Petr suffers another severe punishment session inflicted by his classmate,

first with a hard strapping and followed by vigorous spanking by hand.


It seems that Jan is another lad that cannot stay on the straight and narrow for more than a few days.

He was told to come in, wearing only boxers and take what’s due.

This stocky, tough little guy looks great OTK and his muscular butt in boxers is a spanker’s delight.

Dimitri is  heavy hand on and once the squirming lad has been warmed up, he gets those boxers down for the next set.

A great bare ass spanking and looking at the legs kicking,

Jan is really feeling this session. I think the look on his face as he leaves says he is going to mend his ways.

Where’s Your Homework 2

Playing games and socialising on your phone is all very well but it doesn’t get any homework done! In this guest director short story, It’s not long before one lad (new boy Tony Keit) gets noticed and that the important college work is not getting done. How many warnings does a boy need!

His Step Dad (Digiron) is getting quite fed up with this lackadaisical approach to studying and decides it’s time the boy really learned his lessons, perhaps the hard way!

The best way is to step back in time a little and put this petulant pup over his knee again, as it used to happen …

then follow up with his leather belt, a good stinger on a lads bare backside,

to bring back that important memory that he’s expected to behave, do his homework and act his age!

在手机上玩游戏和社交都很好,但它没有完成任何作业! 在这个客座导演短篇小说中,不久之后,一个小伙子(新来的男孩托尼·基特)受到了关注,而重要的大学工作却没有完成。 一个男孩需要多少警告!





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