Monday, October 18, 2021

I'm Sorry Daddy

Monday Morning

Monday Morning, you are coming in the house after a long weekend with your mates. 
Although you have had a great weekend, but you also know that your curfew was at 9:00pm Sunday night. 

Pops had been calling you and leaving you text all night, but you have not paid attention to the phone until this morning. 

You come into the house and you see the kitchen light on and smell the coffee and see your Pops standing there with the Lexon and wooden paddle on the kitchen island.  

He looks at you and points toward the steps. 

You put your head down and walk upstairs without saying a word or not even attempting to protest. 

When you get up to your  room you begin to undress and ponder why you keep making dumb decisions. 

The memory of Pops face, stays on the tip of you mind and you realize that the demise of your ass is coming soon.

After getting undressed ( not fully because you already know the process) you lay back on the bed and try to think of a way to talk your way out of this, but you already know that there is no chance of am escape.

You hear footsteps coming from the stairway and you get up off the bed and begin to pace the room, because you know Pops is on his way into your bedroom to put you across his knee and spank your ass to a no not end. 

Very Spankabel lad..... 


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