Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Presented for a Thrashing (Ben Video 39)


Presented for a Thrashing (Ben Video 39)



Taavi has been playing up again and he   has been told to report for a spanking.


He is looking very beaten when he comes in, but has dressed appropriately for the occasion. 

Dimitri gets the lad on the floor and kneeling over the coffee table and sets about giving him a good spanking.

The boxers are a good fit and show off his ass well, but they have to go.


When he drops his underwear, we see why he was looking a bit worried, he is wearing a ring, best not ask why.

This does not matter to Dimitri who lays on a heavy hand, it’s what Taavi needs. 

The lad takes his punishment well, but his face says he is far from happy,

so when Dimitri finishes and throws him out the room, Taavi scampers quickly away.


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