Sunday, October 24, 2021


Marched into the kitchen by Teodor, Jan is made to stand against the fridge and present his ass for a paddling.

Wearing only black boxers, that show off his hard muscular butt, Jan looks even inch the brat that needs a spanking.


This guy has a perfect butt for any spanking and the more he gets, the more he seems to get something out of it.

When Teodor pulls down his boxers, Jan has a hard dick that is standing proud, always good to see a lad get into the zone. 

The more he is paddled, the hornier he gets. He almost can’t keep his hand off himself.

 he doesn’t need to do that as the paddle makes him blow a load anyway. This is a guy that enjoys everything about being spanked, maybe that’s why he is always up to something that brings him here.

Fall TermCoach & Prefect

After students under his supervision wander off during the rubbish pickup at the beach,

Prefect Carlos Summers finds himself being held responsible by Coach Riley

French as Friday morning punishment begins.


Zack is the houseboy at the master's home where he does the washing, cleaning, and cooking etc., but anytime he angers the Master with his poor work ethic Zack is punished. 

This time for his transgressions he is first punished with a hard belting which is then quickly followed by a sound hand spanking.

It seems like it’s definitely not Zack’s lucky day today since his ordeal continues with at leather strap being used liberally on his already sore ass followed by a wooden paddle used in a number of different positions.

Zack’s punishment concludes with him now positioned on the floor with his legs spread apart and him being thoroughly paddled with the wooden paddle followed by a hard hand spanking.

 the master is finally finished with the punishment and satisfied that Zack has learnt his lesson,

he tells him to continue his housework, but to remain naked.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...