Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Spanking Straight Boys: Colby in the Spanking Tower

Colby is a very hot 20-year-old straight boy. He is masculine and powerful. He feels as solid and heavy as a steel beam.

It’s been a while since Colby’s last spanking, and Tom feared he wasn’t coming back. Then when Tom reached out again and he was ready to come in. Tom hadn’t put him in the spanking tower and decided he better do that while he had the chance.

Tom orders Colby to strip down and climb into the Tower. He then secures him in place and pulls out the electric clippers. It’s a surprise for Colby. His butt isn’t all that hairy to begin with and he hadn’t expected to have it shaved. Tom shaves him just to emphasize that he is in control.

Next, Tom spanks him with a variety of implements (flog, birch, tawse and yardstick).


Colby grunts, groans and breathes heavily. He finds the tawse particularly hard to endure, but he remains obedient and respectful throughout.It seems like Colby was raised to be a good boy, and we suspect he is a respectable young man in his regular life.

Colby is a very masculine 20-year-old straight boy with a muscular body, big cock and a handsome face. His first spanking video for our studio, in which he goes over Tom's knee for a hard spanking, shows the first time he had ever been touched by a man.


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