Thursday, October 28, 2021

0214 army - Angel Dark

The NCO pulls Angel along by the ear, the soldier Angel is to be given a good corporal punishment,


a very severe one it seems, even if there is no reason for him to deserve the punishment It seems the non-commissioned officer


does not want to wait another year for a new uniform to be handed over to the soldier if he is not ready to submit himself for the punishment he deserves.

Even if it’s just for training in order to strengthen his courage and strengthen his muscular body,

it seems appropriate to deliver a severe corporal punishment to the young man.

Angel is first flogged hard with a cane on his bare ass while lying over the marshal's desk,

this is followed up with round after round of other punishments delivered with that same cane and the equally painful, riding crop, wooden paddle, horse whip and of course the NCO hands are also used generously.



Taavi has been told to report to Dimitri, something he knows will only end one way, so when he comes in, he is protesting his innocence instantly.

This is a clear indication that it’s not really the truth.

Dimtri gets the lad OTK and sets about paddling him.

Even though he knows he deserves it, Taavi makes a noise and a fuss from the start.

As Dimitri works his way down from denim shorts to underwear

and finally

to the lads bare ass with a good paddling all the way.

Taavi is no stranger to a paddling and the effect on him is great, maybe it will keep him in line for a while.


Night of terror. The" Coco "in Spain or Bogeyman in the USA, is a spirit that appears to boys who do not want to sleep.  

To Alex's surprise, he shows up to discipline his bare ass

Noche de terror. El Coco es un espíritu que se aparece a los chicos que no quieren dormir. 

Para sorpresa de Alex, el se aparece para discilplinar su culo desnudo. 

库库伊”带来的恐惧. 西班牙的“库库伊”或是美国的“恶鬼”也是男孩不愿睡觉的时候会出现的鬼魂. Alex 十分惊讶库库伊竟然出现了去给了他的光屁股一顿惩罚


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