Saturday, October 30, 2021

Fall TermCoach & Aiden


Aiden did not want to pick up trash on the beach,


so Coach Riley thrashes his bottom instead as Friday morning punishment continues.


Matthew is taking care of things before he goes for a shower, he thinks he is safe to do this as it wont take long and he seems to be moving around the apartment.

But thats not the case and he is caught by Teodor who is far from impressed at this slight of hand, no pun intended.

Matthew is dragged out and made to stand arms out against the wall and take a paddling for his efforts.

Teodor paddles the horny lad on the towel as a warm up

 that has to go and the lads bare ass has to take the rest of the set.

The lad is in the zone pretty quickly, he was half way there before he was paddled, and his excitement is clear to see.


The paddle works not only on his ass but on his dick as well and theres no way Matthew can hold back for long and he blows a good load.

Teodor is so intent on paddling the lad

that he fails to notice and Matthew even gets away at the end without being found out. A lucky escape for him.


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