Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Petr is drawn along by the ear and led off to be punished.

The master makes him strip down before his ass is spanked hard with a wooden paddle.


He then receives a good spanking by hand.

Petr can be seen to get more and more animated as the strokes get harder.

Then the master continues to punish his student with harder paddling’s, followed by a vigorous and painful spanking by hand.

Petr receives this time a relentless spanking that he will never forget.


And by switch we mean he has had enough of Leon and decides to spank him, a switch in roles for Philip.

As this is his first time he also chooses a switch to spank the lad and he lays it on well.

The trouble is as it is winter a lot of the trees that grow perfectly to make a switch and now dormant and last years growth has died back and gone brittle.

So as the swats land the switch starts to break up and by the time leon has his trousers down there is only one bit left. So Philip decides to switch to the belt and lay that across Leons ass instead. 

Nothing better on a cold winter day than to make a lad drop his underwear as well and take a bare ass belting, just to warm him up of course.

Well done Philip it appears there is a spanker in there as well.

Tighty Whitey Wednesday

Tighty Whitey Wednesday!!!!!!!

Josh In The Sling

Josh, 21 and straight, is back, and it’s time to give him a completely new and unexpected experience.

Tom gives Josh a pair of white briefs

to put on and puts him in a sex sling for a long, hard spanking in what is a very embarrassing position.

brush and plastic shoehorn. He also uses the birch on Josh’s feet.

Josh makes plenty of noise, grunting, groaning and squealing.

It’s a hard spanking that he won’t soon forget!


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...