Thursday, November 18, 2021


We had a lot of requests for this lad to OTK so heres the clip.

A good classic OTK for Tomasz, who looks stunning in shorts and T shirt.

Once over Dimitris knee the pert ass of this great lad really looks like a spankers dream.


The shorts are good but after a warm up they have to go and once down they reveal some figure hugging boxers in dark blue.

Tomasz looks even more spankable as he presents his rear end, raised nicely OTK.

A bare ass spanking follows and the lads butt gets just whats needed.

Many thanks to all for this wonderful spanking request.

The Fraternity


Tumbler Spankables

 Tumbler Boys that need real discipline. 

Real Spanking


Discipline 4 boys!!!! 


Hynek is supposed to be getting ready for filming but has decided to stop after his shower and watch a bit of TV. That means things start a lot sooner than he thought they would.

Dimitri is in mood for delays and finding the lad lazing on couch is enough to start the session.

Hynek finds himself OTK in no time at all and facing the wrath of Dimitri. Hardly dressed for the situation, the heavy hand soon makes its mark.

It’s been a while since Hynek took a spanking and when he stands up and drops the towel, it’s pretty obvious that he is getting a lot from it, his hard dick saying more than he would like to admit.

Dimitri lays into the lad’s bare ass with relish and that keeps Hynek in an excited state.

This lad deserves a spanking for dying his hair

and, if you add his lazy attitude into the mix, then everything he gets here was always heading his way.


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...