Saturday, November 20, 2021

PhD Punishment

Jasper Liu is a PhD student who hopes to graduate soon.

However his dissertation report is continually late.

His doctoral advisor Yukisuke has a simple fix for the problem:

If Jasper cannot hand in his report then he can hand in his ass instead!

"Mauvaise Reception".

Valentine decides to make a joke to Kyle.

But it will cause an unexpected sequence of spanking for both boys.

The shortest jokes are not always the best !!

Valentin décide de faire une blague à Kyle.

Mais celle-ci va entrainer une séquence imprévue de fessée pour les deux garçons.

Les blagues les plus courtes ne sont pas toujours les meilleures !!


Sergio Returns

Although Sergio has been away for a while, that does not mean he has changed at all.

He is still lazy and prone to some serious attitude problems. So, even when Dimitri confronts him, he protests and smirks as you would expect.

But Dimitri is not the kind of guy that takes any back chat from a lad and Sergio finds himself, reluctantly, facing the wall, getting his ass paddling.


As he was in the process of dressing, he is wearing only black underwear so he is hardly dressed for any sort of messing around let alone a spanking.

Some good swats start thing off before these are pulled down and this is where his quandary starts.

The spanking has excited him and he now struggles between reaching round to clutch his ass or playing with his hard dick.


The way he squirms around as he is paddled, really shows the place he finds himself in.

A great paddling which brings the lad almost into the zone, just as it should be.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...