Tuesday, November 23, 2021


When the lads are around for filming, they sometimes get all hyped up and carried away with things. 

High spirits and high jinks are not uncommon and are usually just a bit of fun.

But is time Jan is next for filming and is geting ready and a bored Hynek thinks it’s great fun to sneak up on him and pull down his boxers.
Jan is not in the mood for this and instead of laughing it off, he races after the lad and gets a hold of him, throws him on the bed and gives him a spanking.

Jan has enough experience as a naughty guy to know how to spank another the same.

Hynek has to pay for his prank and Jan does his best to make sure he does just that.

He manages to spank Hynek down top the bare ass and make it perfectly clear that he is not a guy to play games with.

Looks like Jan might turn into a great top with some guidance and training.


The punishment of Alex and Erik continues for not respecting the rules of the institute. 


They are punished in a rook position, with their naked bodies rubbing. 

Finally, Erik receives cream on his ass, punished in a very affectionate way.

Continua el castigo de Alex y Erik

por no respetar las normas del instituto.

Son castigados en posición de torre, con sus cuerpos desnudos frotándose. 

Finalmente Erik recibe crema en su culo castigado de forma muy cariñosa.


他们以堡垒的姿势受罚, 两个赤裸的男生身体互相磨擦.



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