Thursday, December 9, 2021


Freshly returned from Pride, queer punk Fauni Cate is in trouble in this male/male spanking film.

Dr Richard Barton makes it clear that while Fauni lives in his house, he must conform and suppress his true character. Barton's regressive attitudes come out when he notices Fauni's eye makeup, and he unleashes his anger by dishing out a punishment as old-fashioned as his homophobic values.


In ripped jeans, black eyeliner, and a whole host of gorgeous piercings, Fauni certainly doesn't match his uncle's ideas of respectability.

When he stands up for himself and forcefully tells Dr Barton to mind his own business, Dr Barton decides that he needs to teach him an old-fashioned lesson over the knee

He orders Fauni to undo his belt and pull down his trousers before holding him over his lap for an embarrassing, painful punishment.


As he delivers sharp smacks to Fauni's bare bottom, he gives the boy a lecture on respect – but will it have any effect?

 Fauni's sake, we suspect – and seriously hope – not.

Hard Time For Spencer

Hard Time For Spencer

Returning home to find a lad ( Spencer Lake) in your room jacking off reading a porn mag is a somewhat unexpected site.

This is what met James's (James Holt) eyes as he opened the door. The boy has his own room and anybody could have walked in.

Well, unexpected or not it's certainly not going to go unpunished!

This lads ardor needs cooling but that'll have to start by warming his bare bottom!


There's nothing like a swishy stinging rattan cane to do that and nothing worse after than to get a good spanking on a freshly caned bare backside!

Just not this boys best day.


The only thing the lad may be banging out after this butt throbbing experience is some cold ice cubes from the fridge!

Hard Time For Spencer – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Hard Time For Spencer – in Standard Definition


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No matter what is said to Taavi, it goes in one ear and out the other. He seems to be in a dream world most of the time, so it’s no surprise he is wandering around the place almost naked and chatting on the phone. 

This is like red rag to a bull when Dimitri sees him. Wasting no time, he grabs the smirking lad and bends him over the table and sets about giving him a much deserved walloping.

The  towel is soon off and the lad’s bare ass gets that glow that says the message is getting through.


Taavi takes what’s coming and that cheeky smirk is soon gone, although I doubt his memory will improve, given his track record.


The final swat as he goes to leave, makes him hop in the air as he dashes from the room.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...