Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Teodor goes to get a soda and guess what, it’s all gone. Left with just an empty bottle, he is far from happy. The culprit is Matthew and the lad is called in to face the music.

Standing at the scene of the crime, Matthew gets the paddling that he rightly deserves.

Of course, using things and not replacing them is something a lot of lads do and for some reason never seem to learn to correct.

Shorts down and the red boxers hug the lad’s ass, they show it off well and when Teodor grabs them and pulls them up a bit into a wedgie, the result is wonderful.

Of course, the bare ass spanking is what Matthew really needs, and gets, and his smooth little but gets the paddle treatment.


In the end, the lad walks away looking hurt and Teodor is left to a glass of water. Has Matthew learned a lesson, possibly.


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