Saturday, December 18, 2021

Ghana Boys


Ghana Boy in his sag mode! 

Of course those boxers will come down revealing those dark and round cheeks, yearning to be spanked. 

Daddy's Bad Butt


Study Trip 2- Double Caning

Peter and Eric’s lateness has caused the meeting with the other school to be cancelled.

Michael is furious having spent time and effort arranging the event.

He decides the two errant boys deserve a sound thrashing with the cane.


With some spare time on his hands, Sergio is doing what lads tend to do when left to their own devices, he is in his room pulling his meat.

Dimitri comes to look for the lad and catches him red handed, Sergio is a bit too slow covering himself up.

The lazy lad finds himself face down on the bed getting his ass spanked by, a far from impressed, Dimitri.

Laying down like this there’s not a lot he can do to escape the spanking he deserves, he might try and move but it doesn’t help.

Dimitri lays on a message that even this ever naughty lad can understand.


Sergio scampers from the room at the end and it’s no wonder, will it last? I have my doubts.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...