Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Oh, Daddy not the paddle

Punished and humiliated in his black spandex shorts

Earlier today I was surfing through the internet and I happened to go on to one of my Facebook groups that I belong to and I came across some very interesting footage or photos I should say.

I reached out to the person who took these images and ask them to share their stills with us here at Discipline Matters.

In this set you will see that this young man is definitely in the need of some good old-fashioned domestic discipline.

But what I like about his style of disciplining his boys is that he starts to spanking off in Black tight spandex. 

As I stated before in the last post that I did on spandex there is something about the way that spandex grips the buttocks and the thighs that makes the spanking more interesting. 

Is it the sound that it makes, is it the way that the buttocks bounces with every slap, is it the feel of the texture that makes the spanking more interesting? 

I believe that all of these questions are answered with a yes.

We will definitely see a lot more of his models in spandex and swimwear


Dorm Duo- Wake Up Call

When Allen oversleeps for class Mickey is on hand to give him a loud, clear and painful wake up class.

Slow Down

Rich is cute with a devilish grin. He thought his first spanking was over. It might have been if he hadn’t proudly told Tom that he rides his bike at 110 mph. 

That little revelation is costing him a hard session on his knees.

Tom uses the belt and goes hard enough that Rich won’t forget this spanking anytime soon.

Still, it’s clear that there is more work to do on Rich’s attitude.

He is clearly one of the boys who are used to getting by on his looks.

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