Saturday, December 25, 2021

Calling The Shots

A Christmas gift… This short story was in actual fact a casting shoot designed to give a potential model their first platform with Sting Pictures.

Most if not all new StingLads have their first casting shoot, and we try to make it as pleasant an introduction as we can, despite the content requirements.

It was shot a while back with model Tony Milak.


There are few conditions that need to be met for a new model and for various reasons we didn’t re-book Tony to shoot again.


However maybe you have views on this. What do you think about Tony? Let us know in the comments.

As a Christmas treat , the Standard Version of this video is Free for a limited period – the HD 1080p version costs $5.00 to cover Bandwith costs



Calling The Shots – in 1080p Extra High Definition – PRICE $5.00


Calling The Shots – in Standard Definition – FREE


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Title 2257

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Dimitri has got in the swing of the season and decided that, although Matthew needs a spanking, he needs something more.

Matthew is summoned and duly appears dressed for his punishment. The first surprise is being told to get into the wheelbarrow position, he finds this a challenging position.


He looks like this despite what he says, his little butt is shown off nicely.


Dimitri gives him a good warm up on the underwear and has to take a pause while they are removed.


The bare ass spanking follows, and Dimitri takes advantage of the situation and grabs the lad’s junk, in case he decides to make a break for it.
But there’s more to come. 

Just as Matthew lets his arms relax by dropping to the floor, Dimitri produces a butt plug and inserts into the lad, now there’s a Christmas present Matthew didn’t expect.

A wheelbarrow spanking while plugged is just what’s needed for this naughty lad, and a great seasonal gift.

Although I am sure Matthew feels differently.


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