Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Sassy Boy Filippo Gets His Just Deserves


Filippo is a young man who was brought in Paris where his parents were very rich and prominent in the community. Filippo is a young man that got his way all the way through elementary to  high school. The way he dazzled the young girls and young boys with his intellectual words and cute boyish looks and built got him over and through many of things.   

Filippo, is a boy that never experienced any type of discipline. We would want to blame his parents, but they were not around much and his nanny was the the type to give him his wants and not his needs. 

After graduation Filippo was sent to a domestic discipline cottage to learn the value of discipline that his parents could not give him. Filippo was not happy about the decision that his parents made, but in order for him to keep his inheritance and bank account, he submitted. 

Arriving to the cottage, he was introduced to the cottage master Mr. Dom. 

Mr. Mr. Dom is a no non-sense type of guy, who does not mind putting a boy in his place. 

Mr. Dom takes Filippo into the back interview room, where there is a bed and a table with different types of spanking implements. 

Filippo walks in and takes a seat on the chair, folding his arms, looking as a snobby boy,  as if he is in a whole new world. 

Mr. Dom says to Filippo " You were sent here by your parents for the reason of lack of discipline. They say that you have become a spoiled child that cares nothing for others and all gain for yourself. They say that you have become very ignorant and disrespectful to them and others. I did some research o you and the school says that they pushed you through high school, to get rid of you and your behavior, that was interfering with the  other students. Here you will have rules and regulations as well as consequences and as you can see { Pointing at the table} spanking is a part of your treatment for misbehavior and daily spanking sessions that will be administered twice a day, until your attitude changes. Do you understand? " 

Filippo looks at Mr. Dom with a devilish smirk and says " What is holding me here? I can get up from here and walk away anytime I want. Besides, spanking? I am to old to be spanked, I have not been spanked since I was five { Laughing as he talks to Mr. Dom}. Plus I look to cute to be spanked, don't you think? " 

Mr. Dom crosses his legs and places his hands on his lap and glares at Filippo. " Boy you have a lot to learn and you will fit in very well here with the other boys. Actually, young man you are 200 miles away from your home, it would be very difficult to get away from here, plus i don't think you would want to lose your inheritance and allowance. Yes, I know all about that and you as well." 

Filippo, looks in shock on how much Mr. Dom knows about the situation and his life as Mr. Dom continues to talk with him. After talking for sometime, Mr. Dom tells Filippo to stand up and remove his clothes. Filippo hesitates to comply, but he does as he is told. Filippo says " Mr. Dom, all of my clothes? this seems to be a little much, I did not do anything wrong?" Mr. Dom glares at him and says nothing. 

Filippo takes off his pants, revealing his black tight fitting speedo underwear. One might think he dressed for the occasion. Tight fitting speedos in a discipline cottage would be the exact uniform to be worn during spanking sessions. 

Filippo stands with his arms folded, not sure what think or do at this moment, but looks at Mr. Dom as he reviews the boy. 

Mr. Dom says to Filippo, unfold your arms, boy! Humm, yes, I see your attitude is manifesting as we speak, but I have something for that. Turn to the side and hold the position. 

Filippo does as he is told, but getting nervous as Mr. Dom gets up and walks over to the table and picks up the leather rounded  paddle. 

Mr. Dom says to Filippo " Turn completely around and hold your position.

" Filippo does as he is told and hears Mr. Dom walking toward him. He turns around and says " Mr. Dom,  Wait! can we talk about this some more? I know I have been a jerk when I got here and on the way here, but cant you understand the shock, i have been through?" 

Mr. Dom says nothing and takes Filippo by the ear and turns him around . Mr. Dom takes the paddle and swats his speedo covered ass fifty-two times on each cheek. Filippo jumps and moans, trying to put his hands in the way, but Mr. Dom takes his arm and puts it behind his back and continues to give him his just deserves. 

After, the first part of the session, Mr. Dom takes Filippo over to the corner, where Filippo sobs holding his ass. Filippo says to Mr. Dom " Sir, why are you beating me, I never been spanked like that before, sir}. Tears flowing down his face as Mr. Dom says " You are getting what you should have gotten years ago and I want you to realize what you will be getting for the next two years. The behavior you have displayed over the years will not continue. It is my job to make sure of that. Beating? you have not seen anything yet, young man. This is just the beginning. 

Filippo begins to cry harder and deeper as he realizes that his slick ways will not work here at Domestic Discipline Camp.  

Mr. Dom walks over to the table and puts down the rounded paddle and picks up the straight strap and tells Filippo to take off his speedos and fold them up and place them on the table. Filippo does as he is told and moves very humbling, which is very different for him.

Filippo says to Mr. Dom " Yes sir, Mr. Dom, please forgive me" Mr. Dom says " First you have to forgive yourself before anyone can begin to forgive you. Boy you have hurt your parents in so many ways, lets not even think about your pupils and teachers. Do you understand now, why you are here? Is this getting through to you?" Filippo says in a trembling  and scattered voice" Yes, I believe my ass is learning as much as my brain" 

Mr. Dom says " We will also need to work on your language as well. 

Mr. Dom walks over to Filippo and turns him around and bends him over, exposing his nicely shape and plump buttocks, that just calls out for a strong and long spanking. Mr. Dom begins to paddle his bottom as Filippo screams out " I'm sorry! I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry" His plead does not effect Mr. Dom as  he continues to administer a good old fashioned spanking to this sassy boy. 

Three hours have passed since the beginning of Filippo's first spanking and Mr. Dom believes that he has had enough for today. Mr. Dom orders Filippo to the corner for reflection time as Filippo rubs his round, thick, sour and red bottom. Sniffling and pouting. 

This will not be last you see of Filippo. Knowing he got his just deserves but his attitude and misbehavior has a long  way to go! 

Stay tuned! 


Dimitri has been out and around again looking for some new lads.

He spots and chats to a guy called Corin and he agrees to come back for a session.

He decides the best way to break in a new lad 
is to challenge them from the start.

 So, Corin finds himself in the wheelbarrow getting a paddling. It’s his first spanking, so even on jeans, it’s a bit of a shock for him.


The jeans come off and the pressure mounts on Corin, he has to reach round to try and comfort his ass.

Finally, his bare ass is paddled and the look on his face, and what body language we can see, say this is about as far as we can take him this first time.

It’s a great spanking for this meeting, let’s see if he is brave enough to come back again.


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