Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Spanking Straight Boys: Cooper’s First Spanking

Cooper is Spanking Straight Boy’s newest model. He is 18 years old, blond, straight and cute with a great face and a round, firm butt. This is his first adult video. Before coming to Tom, he had not done any type of adult work.

Cooper is no stranger to physical discipline, having been on the business end of a leather belt many times in his life. Like almost every boy we’ve shot, Cooper is surprised to go over Tom’s knee.

He holds the distinction of being the only boy who has ever asked what’s under the towel. The answer is Tom’s favorite leather belt, but Tom tells Cooper he’ll find out once the cameras are rolling.

In this video, after a very brief introduction, Tom spanks Cooper by hand and with a leather belt. The look on Cooper’s face when he sees the belt is priceless. He knows what’s coming his way!

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