Thursday, December 30, 2021

Spandex Thursday

 These Boys Definitely Look Like they Need A Good Old Fashioned Spanking! 


      Daddy really wore my ass out this  morning. 


Even though it is the holiday season, Matthew could not keep out of trouble for a few days.

Dimitri, who is usually in high spirits is really annoyed and has to deal with the lad in the best way, a good traditional over the knee spanking.

Life would be a lot easier for Matthew if he behaved himself, but he cannot manage even the holidays without messing up.


A good start on the jeans gives way to the set on the figure hugging boxers.

Matthew is moaning and has to reach round to try and protect his rear, but Dimitri is not going to stop.


A good bare ass spanking ends this seasonal spanking for this wayward guy.

Will he make it all the way to twelfth night without messing up again?

Let’s wait and see.


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