Saturday, January 1, 2022


Wearing, Hynek goes OTK for his spanking and adopts a legs-wide-apart position.

This really is the best OTK position ever, just look at that ass. Looking good with the shorts on, he looks even better when he drops those and gets a set on the boxers.

The lad is moaning and protesting, as you expect, but it just adds to the delightful picture of the well presented ass.

The bare ass spanking that he gets in the end is the business and there’s no time for him to do anything but lay there and take it like a man.


A great clip to start the New Year off.

PhD Punishment & Teacher Punishment

PhD Punishment

Jasper Liu is a PhD student who hopes to graduate soon. However his dissertation report is continually late.

His doctoral advisor Yukisuke has a simple fix for the problem:

If Jasper cannot hand in his report then he can hand in his ass instead!

Teacher Punishment: 

Yuiksuke is a science teacher at a famous key school hoping to get promoted but has been slacking when it comes to completing research.

Department supervisor Jasper Liu decides to conduct some discipline research of his own…


  Happy New Year's Day to all of the followers and Viewers! 

Today, I am happy to bring you " Prince" once again in the hands of discipline! 
Many of you have been asking about "Prince" and I have reached out to Soit from SPK, a couple of months ago and what he promised, has come to the light. 

I am so glade that he returned to the camera as well as the other models of SPK. 
This, as you can see is a series, so make sure to stay tuned to get the latest updates on this film. 

It is now time for Prince to return to SpankHouse. 

Together with Karim, sent by a judge to stay there too, Prince is about to discover that SpankHouse is not a recreation center

 but deserves its reputation for being the house of spanking.

 Hands and whips fall on buttocks very quickly.

Le moment du retour à la MDF de Prince est arrivé. 

En compagnie de Karim, envoyé pour un juge pour également y faire un séjour, 

Prince va découvrir que la MDF n’est pas un centre de loisirs et que la demeure porte bien sa réputation d’être la maison de la fessée.

Celles-ci tombent sur les fesses très rapidement.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...