Wednesday, January 19, 2022


“In the Roman Empire robes are easy to remove and slaves can be punished at any time.

The patrician's slave Livio Claudio Adriano is clumsy and accidentally throws his Sir's grapes to the ground.

His reduced slave clothing is quickly removed to be flogged on his strong and muscular bare buttocks, without resistance, with the submission due to his Sir.

En el Imperio Romano las togas son fáciles de quitar y los esclavos pueden recibir en cualquier momento un castigo.

El esclavo del patricio Livio Claudio Adriano es torpe y por accidente  tira al suelo las uvas de su señor.

Su reducida ropa de esclavo es rápidamente quitada para ser azotado en sus fuertes y musculosas nalgas desnudas, sin resistencia, con la sumisión debida a su señor

在罗马帝国里, 长袍很宫易脱下, 奴隶也可以任意被惩罚. 贵族的奴隶利维奥·克劳迪奥·阿德里亚诺十分笨手笨脚, 他不小心把主人的葡萄丢到了地上.

他很单薄的奴隶衣服很快被脱下而其结实的光尼股被打了一顿. 由于他自觉从属于主人, 过程中他完全没有反抗"


Dimitri has to deal with Sergio, he is a lad who cannot stay out of trouble for more than a few minutes. It’s like he wants to find himself ass up, looking at the carpet, and there are a lot of naughty guys out the who do. So, when Dimitri gets him OTK

and starts to spank him, that cheeky smirk Sergio has, appears, maybe it’s bravado and a way to hide what he is really thinking.

By the time his bare ass gets the treatment,

he is reaching round trying to fend off Dimitri, that smirk is struggling and, as always, Sergio is thinking maybe he has gone too far this time.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...