Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Boys That Need It

Little Bobby

 Bobby is a boy that needs constant attention. In his days of misbehavior, he was often overlooked. 
But as the days have passed, weeks to months and months to years he was lacking discipline.

Until the day that he had come across a domestic disciplinarian to give him exactly what he needed and how he needed it.

Little Bobby today is starting to learn how to be a good obedient and loving boy. 

His domestic disciplinarian has shown him the love care and discipline that he has needed and yearned for many years. 

His spanking sessions still go on to this day two maintenance spankings a day on top of his misbehavior spankings. 

TuneIn to see more of a little Bobby's saga. 


Antonio Needs A Paddeling


I think everyone saw the dramatic walk-off Antonio did last week. Personally, I think this was a lack of discipline. Antonio stated that he walked off the field because he did not like what the coach said to him and how the coach was talking to him. 

To some degree, I can understand, but in another way, I don't. Antonio was getting paid millions of dollars to do a job and when you obligate yourself to do a job, you do it! 

Let us look at the normal man, that is getting paid much lower to do a job and his manager speaks in an uncouth manner, the employee takes it and lets it run off his shoulders, and continues his job duties and if the remarks were more than he could bear, the employee would of went to a higher power to discuss his dissatisfaction. 

Antonio stated that he came from the pit and not the palace. Being a person who is also from the pit, knows that you learn discipline at a young age and never forget when you make it to the palace. 

Not only did he walk- off the field, Antonio walked out on his teammates/ brothers! 

This is where a good hard and long spanking would come into play. 
I truly wish corporal punishment was allowed in sports or any type of job. Antonio displayed disloyalty, disobedience, poor judgment, lack of respect for his teammates and his fans. 

If it was up to me, He would receive a good dose of the paddle. I don't mean one of those sexy paddles, I mean the old-school thick wooden paddles. 

Each player would line up as Antonio is bent over the bench, and each teammate would give him thirty-five swats with the paddle. That would not be the end, of course. 

The coach would call him into the office after the boys and water boys, got done with him and the coach would give him an old school ass whopping { Hand, Bath brush, Hairbrush, and leather Strap} 

You might say that this would be a little much, but with the way that Antonio carried on, I think it would be well deserved. 

Sadly, this would never happen, but it's a good thought. 

Finally, let us look at the countries that believe in corporal punishment. Over in some villages in Africa? They would have torn his ass up! for this offense. 

I posted some videos of this type of punishment in my earlier post, now let's put Antonio in their position. 

When he was asked if he had a mental  condition, he denied it and said " I have a high I.Q and he can't talk to people who have not been where he has been ( paraphrase) 

That was just a cop-out. 

As you can tell, I am very pissed off with Antonio. 

I think he needs to come on over into the " Spanking World" since he demolished his career in the sports industry. 

A whiney little boy who thinks people don't like him and never was excepted by the team, 



Matthew has really unset Dimitri and he is going to pay for it.


Most of the time he just needs a spanking to remind him of the rules and the way to act. But this time he has gone too far and Dimitri is going to paddle him.

Bending the lad over the table, he makes a good start with a few heavy whacks on the towel Matthew is wearing.


But it’s a bare ass paddling this lad needs and the towel is soon off.

The swats are laid on nice and hard and the colour of Matthew’s ass is soon a nice deep red.


By the end of the clip there is that lovely paddling bloom that lads get when they have really gone to far.

Will Matthew have learned a lesson from this, time will tell.


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