Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Tighty Whitey Wendsday


Dorm Duo -Tutor Lesson - Cont

Tutor Mickey continues dishing out the discipline in second half of Allen’s lengthy punishment.

Late Again

Fletch has a bad habit of being late. He missed his flight by leaving for the airport way too late. Now he turned up late to this shoot.


A hard spanking is the best way to straighten this behavior out, and that’s exactly what Fletch gets.

Tom punishes Fletch with a whip, a yardstick and a leather strap. Fletch whoops and hollers, kicks and squirms through this entire spanking. 

We’d like to say he learns his lesson, but he was smiling about 15 minutes after the cameras were off.

Stay tuned until the bitter end to see the surprise Tom got when this video was edited. As we’ve said before, some boys never learn.

Age:  24
 Says he was spanked daily and deserved it

Before coming to shoot with us, Fletch had never done an adult video or been touched by a man. That is not, however, to say that he hasn't been spanked before. He was spanked daily in his younger years, and, he says, he deserved those spankings. If anything, there should have been more!


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