Saturday, February 26, 2022


I found some of these snapshots on Instagram and Tumblr as well as Twitter. I have no idea who this young man is but definitely he could use a good old-fashioned ass spanking. 

The boy just looks like he's built for a good spanking.

Tap here to visit his Twitter page. 

Antwi's Apology

Two or three months ago, Antwi was a very very bad boy. 
I have spoken to a great deal of the viewers and followers that was concerned about Antwi and his whereabouts. 

Antwi. Became very disrespectful and disobedient towards me and his fans.

For some apparent reason he felt that he needed more money for his allowance and became very disrespectful, he also requested that all of his pictures and videos be taken down off of Discipline Matters. 

That is one of the reasons why you do not see his pictures and videos on Discipline Matters  anymore. 

3 weeks ago, Antwi messaged me asking for forgiveness not just from me but from all of the viewers and followers and all of his fans. 

This is a prime example of a good boy gone bad, but he realized his mistake and returned home. 

Antwi, was severely punished in a domestic discipline way. But he is far from done with his punishment. He will be grounded to his room for the next two weeks and he will receive a spanking every day for that. 

Here is a video of his apology to you all of you who have been following him who has been viewing him for the past months almost a year that he has been on Discipline Matters. 

From this point on you will see more of his big round brown bottom, being punished as well as in the corner. He will have to earn your respect as well as my respect and our loyalty. 

I want to thank all of his contributors that contributed to him in his last sessions that he had on Discipline Matters. And of course his allowance will be on hold until he earns the right to have an allowance again . 

If any of you would like Antwi, to perform any domestic discipline spanking, to earn your forgiveness and trust email


Radek is laying on the bed and having some fun alone. But Teodor sees this and catches him.Radek is surprised and does not want to be spanked this time. Teodor rolls him on his belly and spank his ass in tight black underwear.


Radek is very excited and the spanking is making it very hot for him. When Teodor makes him stand up by the cupboard, Radek can not hide being hard.

To teach him a lesson, he’s using a paddle and this looks like it makes Radek even more excited.

As he is paddled more and more, it looks like Radek has no control and finally he makes a mess.

It is always good to see a guy get so horny when he is spanked and Radek has joined many others that have done this too.


Been a while since we saw Panos and it seemed right to have him catch up with his mischief account, as it’s been a while, he must have run up a list of things that he has done that require a spanking, all lads do.


So he is in for a long session although he does  know it. To start with, he gets a classic OTK, this sets the scene and gets him starting to focus on his behaviour.

This is followed by a set with the slipper OTK, a classic spanking as many will no doubt know from experience.


But this is not enough and he is told to stand up and bend over the chair, he casts a worried glance round to see what’s coming.

Well it’s the carpet beater, always good for coverage and it has a great lingering sting after each swat.

Finally he gets a set with the paddle, an old fashioned heavy paddle, and that brings out a nice bloom on his ass, not easy with Panos as he is one of those lads that does not colour easily.

All in a great long clip with with 4 spanking for this naughty guy.


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...