Saturday, March 5, 2022

Bad Butt - New Undies

Sometimes He needs a quick reminder

Interracial spanking

Spanked Hard and in Pain

Boys spanked hard

Belted, Switched, and Birched

College boy gets a belt whooping

Vietnam Spanking - Part 1, 2015

Daddys Hand

Spanking Explosion Pt 1

Excerpt 1 from the full video depicts the initial warm up swats and hot undies pull down. This boy will be over my knee for a while watch progress through this maintenance spanking as he turns red and begins to yelp.

Spanking Explosion Pt 2

With his undies around his knees, it's time to work on his taint and sit spots.The warmup swats now give way to impressive impact waves rippling through his tight, quivering buttocks. It's time for the light flail to but some red on his bottom.

Spanking Explosion Pt 3

With the spanking well under way, I begin to open his pussy for breeding after his whipping. Watch up close as I spread his tender red cheeks and expose his tight, pink hole.

Fetch the Crop

The completion of the previous upload. I sent the boy to fetch the crop and paddle. Back over the knee, watch as I spread his cakes and swat his sit spot.

Less Music, More Yelping

In response to viewer feedback, this sunrise spanking which begins upright and moves to OTK. This excerpt from a long sessions involving crop and strap, show

Spanking Spankables


Blaq Homie 

Thick and Brick 

Booty Bow Down


Oh dear, Lukasz has decided to jerk off instead of anything else, lads get these urges and stop thinking.

But his absence is noticed by Teodor who comes into the room and catches him at it.


Not happy at the timing, he grabs Lukasz and bends him over the end of the bed for what is clearly needed spanking.

Fortunately or not, he is still wearing his boxers and these come in handy as a grab handle to stop him wiggling around.

His choice of colour is also good and the red of the boxers is soon going to be colour of his ass,

clearly what he needs. Taking them off, he is still clearly excited, but not quite enough to be in the zone,


next time he might be just over the edge though.


Bending over the bed like that is a great position for any lad to be spanked.

A great clip with Lukasz.

Prefect Punishes - Cutting

Aiden and Alex are missing from class and

 Prefect Diego has been sent to find them.

Diego finds the truant duo playing jenga on the dorm room floor.

First the tower is smashed and then the boys’ asses are thrashed.



Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...