Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Rich's Wedgie Spanking.

Rich is back and he’s in for a complete surprise! He has no idea he’s going to get the worst wedgie of his life today. 

Rich explains that he has no idea what the rope and clamps hanging from the ceiling are for. He only realizes when Tom pulls his pants down and begins to clamp the waistband of his tighty whities to the rope. Rich then begins to laugh hysterically as he repeats over and over that he does not want a wedgie.

Regardless, it’s a wedgie he gets, along with a hard spanking. Rich struggles with the sting of the spanking and the embarrassment and discomfort of the wedgie. He curses repeatedly, earning himself extra swats.

He just can’t keep from swearing. His mood keeps changing.

At various times he’s insolent, rebellious, sullen, seething and, at times, laughing. By the end of the spanking, Rich’s butt is very red and he’s more than ready to go.

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