Thursday, March 10, 2022

Tumbler Spankables

Office Spankables


Teodor has told Evzen to report for a paddling. Once the lad arrives in the kitchen, he is bent over the high stool and Teodor lays the paddle on.

Classic jeans on a lad when he is bent over like this is great to see.


The warm up on the jeans is fine and sets the pace until they are dropped and he is back down wearing white boxers.

The paddle lands with a resounding thwack, time after time, and it’s no wonder that Evzen is gripping the legs of the chair tightly.

A final bare ass paddling in this great position rounds off this spanking well.

Evzen has had a grimace on his face all the way through and it’s no wonder really.

 Maybe from now on, he will behave and not find himself in the same place again.


Teodor is far from happy at the state of the kitchen and decides to deal with Lukasz in the best way possible.


By the looks of it, Lukasz was on the way out as he is wearing shorts, quite a healthy lad.

But that makes no difference to Teodor and he gets the lad over the counter and starts to wake his ideas up.


Lukasz has a super butt and in the tight shorts he has that spankable brat look. 

They are soon down and the tight black boxers again show off this lad’s assets well.

Teodor is more intent on teaching a lesson and by the look on the lad’s face it’s a lesson that getting though.


A final bare ass spanking and Lukasz is not looking quite as chipper, as he did at the start.

It’s a been a good session for this particular brat.


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