Sunday, April 3, 2022


Bad Customers

Blast from the past! 

Here is another great film that has come from the vault of SPK-PROD. It is safe to say that all of the films that come out of this production is magnificent. I know all of the fans of this production would agree.

I was talking to Dominique not too long ago and we were talking about the films from the past and the present and I told him my opinion that seemingly the films that were made in the beginning can never be recreated because they are very iconic. 

Not taking anything away from the actors of today, but the old school is the real school. We can definitely learn a lot from the actors AKA models of the past. Not just the models but the disciplinarians as well. 

The disciplinarians made sure that the spankings that they gave were authentic

They may have had a script but they brought the script to life and that is the best part of a great film. The actors or models and disciplinarians as well known as spankers, made the script real. 

There were a lot of sore red asses by the end of these films and I guarantee that there was a lesson learned somewhere in their mind. 

Although I do understand that some of the discipline spanking films that are made today is more exotic than domestic discipline and as I always said there's nothing wrong with that, but definitely if you are going to create a film that is about domestic discipline then follow the lead of many of the old school disciplinarians and lay the law down to the misbehaving boys.

Yes, I know that there are a lot of people out here in the world that would just love to see big round asses being smacked as their cheeks jiggle with every strike. Seeing them squirm and moan and the disciplinary and continues to spank them over and over and over again. Taking down their pants making them feel like a little bad boy that they are, and being brought back over the disciplinarians knee to receive more swats from the hand, paddle, hair brush or bath brush. Hearing them moan and ask for forgiveness right before the disciplinarian takes down their underwear and give them exactly what they need. 

Now in saying all of that, when there is a dialogue that goes along with everything that I just mentioned and everything that is running through your heads right about now,that is what makes the film 100 %  better. 

In closing I will say that a lot of disciplinarians and a lot of boys learn a lot from these types of films they actually use it in their daily domestic discipline lifestyle. I say that because I have learned a lot from a lot of domestic disciplinarians 

( Dominique, Daddy Howard, Eastbourne, Dr.Blake, Tom, John etc.) 

A young lad refuses to go to the dedicated smoking room in a bar. 

He gets soundly spanked by the athletic barkeeper.



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