Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Just because we have not seen him for a while, does not mean that Viktor has been behaving, far from it.

He has a long record of being a handful and needing a spanking on a regular basis. Teodor has decided that this is a good time to get Viktor to pay something off his account.


Getting the lad OTK, he gives him a good walloping.

By the time that Viktor is bare ass, having had a set on the jeans and the underwear, his bubble butt is looking good. 

This spanking might be something off the account but Viktor is one of those lads that will always have an overdraft, and with a spankable butt like his, that’s a plus for us.


Fletch in the Spanking Tower.

Fletch is a muscular 24-year-old straight boy. He has had a hard time with the spankings Tom has given him, and today isn’t going to be any easier. In fact, this is the hardest spanking Fletch has ever had.Unbeknownst to him, Tom is putting Fletch in the spanking tower. The boys all say spankings in the tower hurt more. Tom suspects this is because the boys’ butts are stretched tight in the tower. That means there’s very little give when each stroke lands.

Tom spanks Fletch by hand and with a leather strap,

flog and long plastic shoehorn. 

Fletch is squirming and yelling from the start. It doesn’t take long for Tom to have him apologizing and asking for this session’s end.

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