Saturday, April 9, 2022



Having just woken up, with a morning wood that he seems to think might need attention Viktor is still stretching when in busts Teodor waving a bill in his face. 

Teodor is furious that Viktor has been over spending and even though its early he sets about spanking the lad, and being angry he has got the paddle in hand ready to do it. 

Viktor being naked is ready for the paddling, although for obvious reasons he wishes he wasnt. 

Bent over the end of the bed he is just at the right height for the paddle to work its magic perfectly. 

The colour of his ass says that Viktor is paying for this high bill but not in the way he should. 

By the time Teodor finishes and leaves the room Viktor cannot decide if he should go back to bed and start the day again.

Red & White Stripes - Riley

After breaking up a drunken brawl between Sub-Lieutenants Alex and Diego and seeing them off for punishment, Lieutenant Riley remembers his own brush Commodore Coburn years earlier for a similar offense: one that included a solid dose of the slipper and cane.


Antwi's Entry


 Wednesday evening, Antwi had submitted his entry for tightey whitey Wendsday,  But I was unsure if I was going to post them. 

 Somewhere along the way he has forgotten what this site is pretty much about. I had to remind him that this is a domestic  discipline  male spanking site and not a sex site. 

 But I have decided to go along and give all of his fans what he has to offer. In all actuality what he really needs is a good old fashioned  over the knees spanking. 
Warming up those big brown cheeks would do him some good and bring him back to reality. 

 I have received numerous of emails concerning this young man and some request that concerns a good and hard lengthy bare bottom spanking.  I have informed him on these requests and his words are that he will fulfill them.  

 But to give credit where credit is due, he is definitely coming a long way he has arose above Many people's expectations.  He has become a very much noticed young man even in his village that he lives in it's in and all over. 

 Although a lot of people ask me what pushes how to keep doing what he is doing and some people were thinking that he was doing these post because of me, But that is not the case. Antwi,  Likes the attention and he is liking the domestic discipline lifestyle, not so much the punishment or maintenance but to show off his submission to help other " Bad Boys to turn Good Boys". 

Antwi wants to know you alls responses to his videos and pictures, either through comments or via email.

A short video of a self spanking as requested from some of his fans. 

Antwi,  what do you have to say? 


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