Saturday, April 16, 2022

Lazy Adrian

From not cleaning to too many video games Adrian Lee is punished for his laziness in this series.

First Adrian is supposed to have to clean his room, but decided to sleep instead.

He is soundly spanked by hand and paddle. 

Later he decides to play computer games instead of studying for TOFEL,

and gets a doss of the belt as a result.


Baby Boy Isaac


Teodor is getting ready to go out and sorting his clothes out only to discover that his shirt has been worn, not only worn, but returned to the wardrobe unwashed. The culprit is Viktor, who of course, tries to act the innocent.

There is only one way to deal with this and that’s a good paddling and that’s just what Viktor gets. Teodor has had his day ruined and the lad is going to pay for it.

But as we know, things can get away from Viktor quite quickly. So, by the time he has been paddled on his jeans and boxers, he is starting to get into the zone.

The bare ass paddling that follows hits the mark perfectly and Viktor cannot hold back any longer and he dumps a good load.

Teodor finishes the session and gives the lad the dirty shirt to clean, and he will have to clean the floor as well.


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