Sunday, April 24, 2022

Weekend bad boys get what they deserve

 Thank you for awesome video, AC

South Spanking 


The last time that Viktor played around and delayed things it was with Dimitri, and he paid a high price that time. So, it is a surprise that he does the same thing with Teodor.

Preening himself in the bathroom, vanity comes at a price which he should know by now. By the time Teodor gets into the room, he is furious and he grabs the lad there and then and sets about a spanking lesson.

Viktor bending slightly over the sink is in no position to escape or protest as his ass gets redder.

But Teodor is in no mood for protests or anything else that Viktor might have to say, he gives the lad a walloping that he hopes will mend his ways.

It’s no wonder that at the end, Viktor rushes from the bathroom without even grabbing a towel.

Comme au bon vieux temps

  Those were the days

Yann n’est pas content de son fils et le dispute au téléphone. Mais la manière dont il lui parle ne plait pas, mais pas du tout, à son oncle qui va lui faire savoir.

Il est très étonné du langage cru utilisé et lui assure que s’il était plus jeune il lui aurait mis une bonne fessée !

Yann is not happy with his son and argues with him over the phone. But his way of talking does not please his uncle, not the least bit, and he will let him know.

He is shocked by his bad language and tells him that if he were younger he would spank him!

Mais au fait est-il trop tard pour Yann de recevoir comme au bon vieux temps cette fessée ?

But by the way is it too late for Yann to receive this spanking like in the good old days?


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