Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Birching Block

A misbehaving public school lad has got himself put on the punishment bill and must report to the Housemaster to receive the birch. The boy (James Lewis) will soon hear the fearful words many have heard before him, 'go down boy', as he goes to kneel on the infamous birching block!

Now in position the boy's waiting bare backside, protruding perfectly, to receive the freshly soaked time honored flogger. The master wields the birch and down it swishes, the flogging has began and one willful lad immediately begins to regret his foolish bad behavior.

The boy stand now waiting facing the wall his bare bottom burning. Its not over.

This particular Housemaster always believes in following up with the flat of his hand, especially when it's a cocky lad like this. So a spanking it will be, over the knee and again siting on the birching block to administer it!



OTK & Over - Aiden

Aiden too turns up late but actually has a valid excuse.

Unfortunately for Aiden, however, he studied the wrong piece of music

thanks to a disorganized notebook and sloppy handwriting, something Mr. Hector must correct.



Nick is back to answer a few requests. He comes in in shorts and goes OTK, this is a classic warm up. His choice of shorts is ideal, as he looks great. 

The shorts have to come down and reveal he is wearing some super underwear, these fit like a glove and really show him off well.

No matter how good he looks in underwear, they have to come down,

but it does not stop there, he also gets a paddling with the small paddle while he is OTK. But he needs more and he is told to stand up and bend over the chair and then he gets a set with the full size paddle.

It’s a lot more than he has had before and he manages to take it all well. Have to think up something more challenging for him next time.

Ike in the Spanking Tower.

Ike is a hot 18-year-old straight boy with classic surfer-boy looks and one of the most perfect butts on the planet. He doesn’t like being spanked, but he agreed (maybe drop the “a”) to come in today for another spanking.

Ike has no idea that he’s going to be in the spanking tower. He doesn’t even know it exists. It’s hard to imagine what goes through an 18-year-old’s mind as he climbs into the tower and raises his legs above him, putting all of his private parts on display in a way they never have been before.

Tom spanks Ike by hand and with a ruler, hairbrush, flog, and a leather strap. Like most boys, Ike finds the spanking hurts much more in the stretched-tight position the spanking tower demands.

Like our model Owen, Ike’s butt doesn’t get very red, but, also like Owen, that doesn’t mean he feels the sting any less! He’s more than ready to be done by the end of the spanking. He tells Tom he doesn’t like the spanking tower.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...