Saturday, April 30, 2022


Mason came along for a session and was just a little cocky, so we decided to put him through his paces.

Starting him off with a classic OTK spanking, he is wearing trackies and that makes him look a little bratty which helps.

A good warm up and then they come down, and a surprise here is he is going commando.

So it’s straight to a bare ass spanking. As a change, the hand spanking gives way to a paddling with the small paddle.

This he didn’t expect and his face shows the change caught him out. 

But it does not end there, next, he has to stand with hands on the wall and get a further paddling with the normal paddle.

As this is his first session, it seems right to challenge his attitude with a full 25 minutes of spanking. A great debut for Mason.

 This film is definitely a "Must See". It has been a long time since BBFC has done a full session and not split into two series.  Manson had taken his debute very well and from  the looks on his face,  he was definitely enjoying being over the knee.. I'm shocked his penis didn't erect. Yeah, you can the cockiness in him but as you noticed that faded, quickly.  
I have see the complete film and without giving away any special details, I'll just say 25 minutes of  hand spanking and paddling is just what the doctor ordered,  especially in the times that we have been having, around the world.  I think I smoked three cigarettes watching this film [ which is not normal for me] 
Head on over to BBFC and grab up your subscription or over to clips4sale if your not the subscription type.. 
Either way, you won't be disappointed !!! 

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Price of Two Points

Bin-Bao is a young college student hoping to attend to graduate school. However, he failed the post graduate entrance exam by just a mere two points.

Hoping to try again, Bao-Bao seeks out Yukisuke to be his tutor.

Yukisuke will only accept the aspiring graduate student if he accepts punishment for those missed two points…

Bin Bao



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