Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Charles' First Spanking.

Charles is a hot 20-year-old straight boy who, before today, had never been touched by a man or done any type of adult work. 

This video begins with a few minutes of interview footage during which Charles discusses his sex life (he’s straight) and his history of misbehavior and discipline. 

Tom then tells Charles to kneel on a chair and begins spanking him by hand and with a ping pong paddle and a flog. 

Charles finds the spanking hard to take. His eyes get very damp and glossy as his but gets redder. 

By the end of this video, Charles is shaking.

Dave pays for Attitude

Daves room is a pig sty and he is told to clean it up, his arrogance simply wont allow him to do that though.

When comfornted and asked why he has not cleaned the room up Dave blows his top and shouts at Tony, ' fuck you ' he says and explains that he likes a mess everywhere.

When he is told that he could be thrown out for behavior like this he says ' just try it ' well thats enough for Tony and despite Dave shouting ' dont touch me '

he is dragged OTK has his jeans ripped down and is thoroughly spanked

The attitude seems to be spanked out of him in the end and the teary eyed face says it all.....Lets see if this has done the trick with him.


Ce soir, deux amis en arrivant chez eux ne sont pas très fiers. 

Ils doivent annoncer l’un à son père, l’autre à son tuteur qu’ils ont raté l’examen du dernier trimestre. 

Ils pensent que leurs vacances ensemble sur la Côte d’Azur soient compromis. Mais voilà, ils vont être surpris du style de punitions qu’ils vont subir. 

Tonight, two friends arriving home are not very proud. One of them has to tell his father and the other one his tutor that they have failed the last term's exam. 

They think that their vacations together on the French Riviera will be compromised. 

But here they are going to be surprised by the kind of punishment they are going to get. 

Natural Spankable Booty Boy



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