Saturday, May 14, 2022

Spring Birch - Michael

Discipline head Jonathan Li is back in action after a long vacation – and a nightmare for the errant boys of Class 6F who almost forgot his existence.

Starting with class monitor Michael Chen,

they are called downstairs to the office one by one to settle their accrued mischief bills while the discipline head was away – with the help of the dreadful birch...


After his afternoon nap, Matyas wakes up feeling horny, so as lads do rather than just get on with dressing and going about his chores, he decides to play with himself.

These lads have no patience and always act on impulse and then they wonder why they find themselves getting their rear ends tanned.

So, when Teodor catches Matyas it’s no surprise that he grabs the lad and bends him over the end of the bed and lays into him with a heavy handed spanking.

There’s no let up in the session and by the end Teodor has spanked the stiffness out of the horny lad.

Matyas might realise now that it might have been better and less painful to wait until later.


You would have thought that after being told off for playing on his phone and getting a spanking, the last thing that Mason would do is come back straight away to collect his phone.

Well that’s what he does and its why lads like this always find themselves in more trouble. It’s OTK for him again and this time the paddle is laid on his rear end.

The cut-offs come down and the white boxers come down

after the right amount of swats, of course and a good bare ass paddling finishes off the lesson.

It’s always a surprise that lads think they can get away with anything, and then look hurt and surprised when they have to pay the price.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...