Thursday, May 19, 2022

Caning of Russell


Russell is a very cute 19-year-old who has a problem with authority. Russell can be stubborn, and he only grudgingly yields to punishment. He’s a nice young man, but his mouth and attitude can cause problems for him.

Take today’s caning. During his last shoot, Tom asked Russell to wash his hands at one point, and it turned into a long and needless debate. Russell is a very clean boy (right up there with our model Dex, who is always immaculate). At this point, Tom can’t even remember why he had asked Russell to wash his hands. All he can remember is how obstinate Russell was and the lengthy and disrespectful debate that ensued.

It was a simple request with which Russell should have simply complied.

He didn’t, and today he pays the price in the form of a hard caning. 

This is Russell’s first experience with the cane, and he doesn’t like it one bit. Only time will tell if it has taught him a lesson.

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