Friday, May 27, 2022


Looks like the lad has been over spending, those leather trousers are not cheap, and that is not the right thing to do. So, he finds himself OTK, getting a lesson in finances in the best way for any lad to learn.

A good warm up on the leather trousers is followed by a good set on the boxers, this lad has a super shapely butt in boxers.

Then the final set on the bare ass, that’s the final part of the lesson that always gets through to even the most wayward of lads.

A super spanking for Mason and one he needed.

Antwi in Whites

 Antwi in Whites!!!

It has been awhile since Antwi has posted any new material. 

Speaking with Antwi, he says that he has been going through some tough times, but has come out strong.  

Antwi, realizes that he has lost alot of fans since his disappearing act and is trying to gain all of you back.  

I have read all the emails to him, that I received from you all, asking " When we see him getting an actual old school spanking?" 

Antwi replied, that he is working on a couple of videos of him being disciplined. In his side if the world, it's not easy to find someone to spank him on a regular basis.  

This lifestyle is looked at as Taboo, but Antwi says he doesn’t care what others say about him. He knows that he needs real domestic discipline and from the looks of things, he wants it as well. 

We will see if he holds up to his promises.  I personally will be traveling to Ghana very soon to give him the spankings that he needs. Of course,  all of you will see the complete videos and stills of all of his spankings that he will be receiving.  

To all his past contributors,  he wants to thank you for all of the contributions you have sent his way and he saysvhe is working hard to gain your trust again. 

If anyone wants to be a contributer to Antwi click here

19-year-old Drake Von.

Drake is a hot, smooth 19-year-old with a big cock. He’s been offered the opportunity to do a spanking video before, but he turned it down because he thought it would hurt too much. Luckily for us, he’s accepted our offer and now the time has come to get his first spanking in years.

Tom does something new for this time. He puts Drake on the massage table, but, before the spanking begins, Tom oils Drake’s body up from neck to toe. This makes Drake’s smooth, lean form glisten throughout the video. We’ve heard it said that spankings on wet skin hurt more. Tom would have asked Drake if the oil made this spanking more intense, but Drake wouldn’t have a frame of reference.

Tom uses his hand, a leather flog and an implement that is like a double leather strap attached to a handle.

Drake has a hard time with the spanking. He wasn’t thrilled about getting spanked to begin with and the spanking ends up hurting like he thought it would.

Weekend at the House of Spanking (Episode 6 of 6)

Dans ce dernier épisode, c’est à Karim de recevoir sa dernière fessée suite à la tentative  de fugues.

Dernière fessée ? Pas sûr pour l’un de nos deux amis… une dernière surprise les attends au moment de partir de la MDF.

In this last episode, it Karim’s turn to receive his last spanking, as punishment for trying to run away.

Last spanking?

Not so sure for one of our two friends... a last surprise awaits them when they are about to leave the SpankHouse. 


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...