Sunday, June 5, 2022

Early Days of Stephan.


Steven has been in the spanking industry for a lot of years now and he has been spanked by Is legendary disciplinarians throughout the years. But no matter who the disciplinarian was Stephen always could never stay still. 

But in this film you will see that his reaction was was a lot different from the videos or films that he has done recently.

Was it because this was his 1st or should I say one of his 1st videos that he made or was it that this was the period of time when he was not use it's not used to getting his butt spanked. 

 Nevertheless Stephen always had the problem  he could never lay still while he was being disciplined. 

I think that this is something that he will always do in any film or behind close doors while he is being disciplined. We all have a certain thing that we do when we are being disciplined and I think that this is Stephan's way of handling a real domestic discipline spanking. 

 The reason I chose this video is because it shows Stephan's actual actual reactions it shows the early days of Stephen. 

 I have seen and I have collected over 50 films from Steven and and this one is the best. 

Tell me what you think,,, 

 Make sure to stop pass his page on clips4sale , because most of the videos if not all of the videos that I am referring to that I am referring to, that I collected he still has on his page. 

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