Saturday, July 2, 2022


The game is over, but these guys have enjoyed the game too much and are discovered jerking off and drinking beer.

They receive a humiliating spanking on their especially exposed asses. It's the perfect excuse for the game owner to have fun with Alex and Pablo's asses

El juego terminó, pero estos muchachos han disfrutado demasiado el juego y son descubiertos masturbándose y bebiendo cerveza.

Reciben una humillante paliza en sus culos especialmente expuestos. Es la excusa perfecta para que el dueño del juego se divierta con los culos de Alex y Pablo

游戏已经完结了, 但两名男生太享受了所以被发现一起在撸管和喝啤酒. 他们暴露的屁股遭到了羞辱的惩罚 --- 一个让游戏拥有人享用艾力克斯及巴勃罗的屁股的借口"

Zack’s First Spanking

Zack got in touch with me a few months back. He is well known on the wrestling scene but wanted to test the water and find out what it’s like to get a spanked bottom.

He was soon in the traditional over the knee position starting on shorts

then underwear

then bare.

After each layer came off the intensity started to get to him and with a nice red bum he was really starting to feel it. The spanking was finished off with 12 spanks with the hairbrush.

I hope you enjoy watching him get spanked for the very first time. There will be more spankings to come for this hunk-in fact we are expecting a long line of spanking 

CP4 Men


The cane for Panos has been requested and it’s fortunate that Panos has messed up enough to get a set.

Just home, he is wearing black trousers, shirt and tie and looks like he might be a good lad at heart, but the fact he is facing a set with the cane, says differently.

A few good strokes on the trousers starts the session and

that is followed by a set on the underwear, a good dark colour that I am sure will meet with approval as they show off his ass well.

Even after these two sets, we see that Panos does not colour up easily when his underwear is down,

but we see a good glow on his ass.

This looks like the session might be the attitude adjustment that he needs.

Rent Day - Wine Whipping

Hector has just concluded a house inspection when he finds a bottle of wine hidden behind some potato chips.

After getting no satisfactory answers from the trio he decides to give an on the spot penalty for this rental lease violation.


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...