Tuesday, July 5, 2022

No Fucking Around

Fletch is a 25-year-old straight boy from a small rural town. He’s an easygoing country boy. Sometimes he’s a bit too easygoing. He has missed flights and shown up late for shoots more than once. He was late again today, leaving only a brief window to shoot this video. The result is a fast, hard spanking with no fucking around.

Tom orders Fletch to get on the bed and has at him with a belt. There’s no build up.

Every swat is hard from the start, as evidenced by Fletch’s loud and pronounced reactions. Tom does something new today. 

Rather than pacing out the spanking and lecturing Fletch, Tom delivers this spanking in a series of fast and hard groupings of swats that leave Fletch reeling.

He is worn out and his ass is bright red by the end of the spanking. Fletch will not forget this day.

Happy Tuesday

BLS - North

BLS North retired it's cameras in January 2021 but it hasn't gone away.

It's unique videos - mixing corporal punishment, BDSM and Chinese cultural themes - remain fully accessible for viewing and download by BLS members.

In total there are 91 videos with 30 unique actors in over 1600 minutes of hard action you will not find anywhere else.

Legacy Studios


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