Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Spanking Fans Meet- Up

Spanking Fans Meet Up – Madrid Spain
August 7th 2022 - 10 PM

Our friends over at SpankChicosMalos will be having a meet up for spanking fans at 10 PM on August 7th in Madrid, Spain at The Ring Private Club. Meet BLS actor Diego Anderson in person as well as the regular spanker from SpankChicosMalos.

 Watch or even participate in a live spanking session.
The entry fee is €15. It is obligatory to register at the entrance and enter naked. The Ring Private is a private nudist/bdsm club located at C. Del Amparo 78; 28012 Madrid, Spain. ( )

For more information please contact SpankChicosMalos:


There is a lot of attitude about Alejandro as he sits there without a care in the world. He has that brat look that they all get from time to time.

But, that soon changes when he finds himself OTK getting a good spanking. Wearing just boxers, he is hardly dressed for the attitude he has, it makes the spanking hit home pretty quickly.

He is a struggler though and after the first set on his underwear,

he is soon bare-assed and protesting a lot.

His legs are kicking around and he is wriggling a lot.

There are some great shots of this lad as he moves around and gets his walloping and that makes for a super session for this lad.

Drake getting a wedgie spanking

Drake is a rare combination of cute and hot. Before coming to us, he had never done a spanking video. Now he’s back for another spanking. However, he has no idea that there will be a wedgie involved.

Drake admits he has no idea what is about to happen. Slowly he clues in. He can hardly believe he’s about to get a wedgie. He’s never had one before.

Tom spanks Drake by hand and with a wooden spoon and a leather slapper.

Drake has a hard time with any spanking, and the wedgie definitely makes it worse. Drake squirms and yells, grunts and gasps.

When the spanking is done, Tom makes Drake stand against a wall and hold a coin to the wall with his nose for several minutes.

If the coin drops, he’ll get ten more hard ones.


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