Sunday, July 31, 2022

THICK BOI LEMAR @lemdathickie

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“What can I say about THIC BOI LEMAR @lemdathickie? A great deal. He is definitely sexy. He knows how to take the BEST selfies. There’s always a science to know how to take the selfie: this brotha has learned his best 

angles and features. Love the brothas eyes. The eyes are straight up, hypnotic and will draw you in….so much so…you might over look the obvious:

his ass(ets). LEMAR has a nice peach on him. He knows it. He knows that you know. The voyeur in him is getting pleasure from showing off that yella-bone phatty.

He surely is one of the most posted dudes on my blog. I enjoy viewing and I’m sure that’s a pleasure to him. This brotha has it going on. The THIC BOI has got it all together—-in all the right places at that.” Blaqhomme

LEMAR definitely has the goods and knows well how to showcase the assets. I never tire of viewing his Twitter and Instagram pages. In a short time, his popularity has exploded; rightfully so. Knowing and understanding body art is a talent—-LEMAR is his own content creator, who’s learned rapidly how to enhance the craft. If you haven’t visited his pages, you’re missing his staring assets in full view. 

RICKEY CLARK JR. @ratchetrickiana

T H E  G O A T 

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Shape. Form. Color. Tone. Good to the eyes. Sweetness to the senses. A straight up aphrodisiac. Succulent to the mind. Succulent to taste. Curved in all the right places. Plump.

Lifted. Mounted. Upstanding to be stared, adored and affirmed. The double-muscle-wiggling bump that keeps you in its awe and suspense. 

It’ll wink at ‘cha, it’ll even blow you kiss. Warm and soothing. Moist and tight. Able to milk juices of ecstasy when fully engulfed within its center core.

Upon its entry to the mouth, the taste is unlike any other’s definitely a passion fruit and able to capture your soul and it may well tug at your soul. The perfect peach sits well suited in the cuffed hands: it’s grip is firm as its fermented taste.  That perfect peach, unlike any other fruit, will keep you coming back for more.” ©️Blaqhomme

dangelo @theonlydangelox


It is hot and Alejandro is taking a rest and having a lay down. But he should not be doing that, there are many things to do around the house, which has the aircon on so the heat is no excuse.

He is told off and has to lay on the bed and with a pillow under his middle and present his ass for a set with the belt.

Lifting his ass slightly and showing off his dark blue briefs, the swats fall and start off the session.

The briefs come down and the lovely smooth ass feels the belt land regularly.

The look on his face

says it all and it looks like he might just get the idea now that he should ask before he decides to spend a lazy afternoon.

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Two Boys Spanked and Caned

It’s already been a long day for straight boys Xander (19) and Trevor (23). They had never met before today, and, right after they met, they were spanking each other under Tom’s orders. So, going into this video, both of their butts are already red and sore.

Tom spanks Xander and Trevor by hand and then with a yardstick.

He then canes both of them hard. Both of them breathe heavy, gasp, grunt and jerk around, especially under the sting of the cane.

Trevor has a particularly hard time. It seems each spanking gets harder for him to take, likely because he knows what’s coming. He takes the whole spanking and caning, but he whimpers, whines and yells quite a bit while doing so.

Always tried to avoid discipline from his father because he is a guy

Trevor is a hot 21-year-old straight boy who needed to make some extra money. He had always tried to evade his father's physical discipline because he didn't want to be spanked by a man. He had to get over that to do videos for us.

Xander is a 19-year-old straight country boy who has never done any type of adult work

He’s no stranger to physical discipline. Xander admits to getting into a lot of trouble when he was younger, and there was always a wooden spoon and a leather belt waiting for him when he did!


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...