Monday, August 1, 2022

Big Boys Needed Discipline Too

Steven Caught Stealing Part 2

Caught red handed stealing Stevens houseparent is furious and severe

punishment is delivered to his bare behind. 

The Cane and Strap is applied liberally leaving its mark and acting as an example to curb his thieving ways



 Spanking  Discipline 

The spankings never end with Stephen! 

Shane’s Cadet Spanking! Part One

Shane thinks it's more important to read his book. More importantly he's supposed to be cleaning up the barracks!

He is soon found out and is put on punishment duty and in this particular battalion spanking is the order of the day!

So for him its over knee for a very sound spanking on his shorts then underwear

then bare.

Does he learn his lesson or will he be back for more? Find out in part two-coming soon! 

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