Wednesday, August 3, 2022

HARD Session with a Bamboo Paddle

One of our hardest sessions yet... 

 My boy gets his bottom marked up good for misbehaving on vacation.

Watch my boy cry as I tear up his bubble butt!


Seems like Panos never gets the idea that, if he was to behave, he would find life a lot less painful.

Instead he always seems to mess up and find himself in line for a spanking. This time he is OTK for a paddling and, maybe this time, he will finally get the hint and behave.

He looks good in his shorts and the warm up sets the pace, the shorts come down and his black underwear show him off well and the paddle works its lesson on these as well.

Of course he needs, and gets, a bare ass paddling

at the end and this should be enough to make him see the error of his ways.

Darren in the spanking tower.

Darren is a 24-year-old straight boy who is back for his hardest spanking yet. He has never heard of or seen the spanking tower before arriving for today’s shoot. He doesn’t like the looks of it. When Tom puts him in the tower, he likes it even less. Once the spanking starts, he dislikes it entirely.

Tom spanks Darren by hand and with a leather strap, flog, leather slapper, wooden spoon and a belt.

He also uses a riding crop on Darren’s butt and feet. Darren has a hard time with this spanking. He jerks about, but the spanking tower holds him in place.

All he can manage is moving his butt a bit side to side. After a while, he figures out he can lift his butt higher, which suits Tom just fine.

Darren’s butt is deep red by the end and he’s more than ready to be on his way.


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