Saturday, August 6, 2022

That Boy Allen

Over the years I have been blogging everyone else's work and promoting a lot of productions and studios which I am very proud of. 

 And I know a lot of you have been wondering if I am actually a real domestic disciplinarian. 

I have been disciplining men for over 25 years and then there became a break and I went hiatus. 

When I returned to the scene, I came across a young man that definitely needed domestic  domestic in his life. It was not the fact that he so much liked it, But it was the fact that this what he needed.  

  Before meeting we talked on the phone and we text back and forth  getting to know each other. I believe that the best way to have any type of relationship is to get to know each other, first before anything else. 

 I have been disciplining Allen  for almost 2 years now. Because of the coronavirus outbreak we took a break for a while  until things died down and things got somewhat back to normal.
 Allen and I were talking about  " discipline matters"  and I was telling him that I am going to start putting our sessions on this blog  to share with others that live this lifestyle on a normal everyday basis. 

On the first of August was our first session in almost six months. It was good seeing boy again.  Allen was stating to me that he doesn't know how much he could take. But I just grinned and Said "you will be fine". 
 Our session started off with him in his session uniform which tight boxer briefs matching tank top and matching socks.  We talked for a while and then I pulled him over my lap And then I began to spank him with my hand on top of his boxers that fitted his ass perfectly. 

After about 15 minutes of spanking him with my hand I moved to the Jakari then I moved To the hairbrush, the strap the paddle that we call KC.. and the belt. After the first segment I pulled him up and gave him a hug and had more conversation. 

Afterwards, I looked in his eyes and told him " I'm about to bare your bottom and there is nothing you can do or say about it." I took down his black boxer briefs and put him back over my knee and started off with my hand and moved to the other implements, 15 minutes with each. 

 I definitely can say that Allen went past the limit that he thought that he could not go past. I always pushed Allen to go further to go deeper not just in the spanking lifestyle but in anything in life. 

You will definitely see more of Allen in the weeks to come.. 


Running an apartment has all the usual financial considerations to worry about, rent, lighting, heating, water, etc. This something younger tenants often choose to ignore when they are overdue, finding better things to spend their money on.

George (Andy Easton) has chosen not to pay his rent for the last month or so, now the Landlord (Marco) has come to call.

He doesn't have much of an answer or seems not to care, so his landlord takes a different approach to remind him to be on time with his rent in future.

Off comes his leather belt and down it goes with sufficient strength on to lazy George's bare bottom. Followed of course by a good spanking!

Next up is a new lad (Casper Ivarsson) the money for the heating bill had been left on the table to pay the said bill.

However, Casper had found another use for it. Coming home later and finding the landlord wrapped up in his winter coat starts alarm bells ringing, he now knew he was in deep trouble Some more reminding of what is and what isn't a priority in life needs to take place.

This lad is in for his first spanking and by the end will have learned to keep his hands off the cash or very firmly hands will come down on him - hard!

Sting Raw

This video is also available through Sting at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

Sting Pictures

Oznob gets his first spanking - entire alternate camera recording

Oznob gets his first spanking - the entire alternate camera recording.

The perfect extra material to one of my most popular spanking videos ever. Including a new mindblowing intro,

the entire spanking session from the camera you previously only got glimpses from, english subtitles whenever the performers speak swedish -

revealing my cheeky nature trying to make fun of my spanker as he quickly applies the birch to my bare bottom to change my laughter to wails of pain.

If you enjoy bare bottom spanking in general, or if you are a fan of the original "Amateurboy gets his first spanking" this is a MUST SEE for you.

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