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Sunday, May 1, 2022

African Punishment

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 The previous post that I created was about judicial and tribal punishment in villages in Africa. Seems to offend some of the viewers. 

 Discipline Matters is a blog that covers a great deal of judicial Corporal and domestic discipline. Some of the post that I make is not for the faint of heart. Grant it, Some of the posts that I attach are light, hardcore, or fun, depending on the person who is taking it in. 

I normally do not remove anything that I post. But that will be the last time that I do so. 

 When I post things of villages or different places around the world that practice Corporal or judicial punishment it is a thing of education. Some may take it asIf I am making fun of it or something in that nature, but those who think that thought is terribly wrong. 
 I find it very interesting when it comes to different types of Corporal or judicial punishment that a lot of different people have. And as I always stated before I believe that if Corporal punishment or judicial punishment was being done as if it is being done in these other areas of the world, comma we would not have the situations that we do now.

As I stated before all of the prisons are filling up all the jailhouses are filling up because I believe that locking people up and the only thing that they do is just sit back on the taxpayer's money and supposedly they learn a lesson and they get out and they do the same thing again. Just imagine if they suffered the same things that they suffer in the Asian, Japanese,  African, etc. Prisons. 
When it comes to serious crimes such as Murder, Rape, etc.. 
 I believe that there should be serious judicial punishment involved in their sentencing. But when it comes to drug trafficking and things of that nature make sure that also would be a serious crime that would involve judicial punishment. 

When I say judicial punishment I am talking about the caning the flogging in a public setting... Why above accepting?Because I believe that if they are embarrassed and humiliated as well as being spanked paddled flawed cane and in front of others that will change the image that the so-called criminals had built up [ tough guy] that people thought them to be. 
Will this ever happen? No, I don't think so... but this is why people like myself write about it. 

To those who were offended by the post. I don't apologize for posting it, I do however Apologize for not stating these facts before posting it. 

 One person commented stating that" it was against the privacy I've seen of the people who were being punished, " My feelings on that is that their privacy went out the door when they committed the crime. If they did not want people to see them being punished then they should not have committed the crime to be punished. 
 Again these videos that I posted were not to make fun of the criminals and their punishment it was to educate the people who actually come on to this blog to see the different types of punishment that are done around the world. Of course, we will have people that would make fun of them that will find it a sexual enhancement for them. But no matter where you go in this world you are going to run into that. 

But for others, it is an educational experience, Though it may be brutal and even though it may be vicious this is the tradition this is the way of those across the water. Have you ever noticed in the African villages they take care of their situations on their own they do not wait for their community law or the law system or their state law system to handle something that they handle themselves, Is I call that an independent village? 
 Maybe before criticizing the things on this blog maybe you should do some research and research and see exactly where it came from and how it came about. 

Have A great afternoon......

Remember,  Behind every punishment, there is a reason...

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