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Friday, May 27, 2022

Antwi in Whites

 Antwi in Whites!!!

It has been a while since Antwi has posted any new material. 

Speaking with Antwi, he says that he has been going through some tough times but has come out strong.  

Antwi realizes that he has lost a lot of fans since his disappearing act and is trying to regain all of you.  

I have read all the emails to him that I received from you all, asking, "When we see him getting an actual old-school spanking?" 

Antwi replied that he is working on several videos of him being disciplined. But, on his side of the world, it takes work to find someone to spank him regularly.  

This lifestyle is considered Taboo, but Antwi says he doesn't care what others say about him. He knows that he needs real domestic discipline, and he also wants it from the looks of things. 

We will see if he holds up to his promises. I will be traveling to Ghana very soon to give him the spankings he needs. Of course,  all of you will see the complete videos and stills of all the spankings he will receive.  

To all his past contributors,  he wants to thank you for all of the contributions you have sent his way, and he says he is working hard to gain your trust again. 

If anyone wants to be a contributor to Antwi, click here

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