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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Antwi 2023 Return


Antwi has been away from Discipline Matters for almost a year now and from some of the emails I received he is missed by his Fans and Followers. 

Antwi has been pursuing his career in the music industry and continuing to help out his family in Ghana. 

Antwi reached out to me yesterday asking about his disciplinary spankings that he has not received in almost a year.  

I had to ask him; What does spankings do for  you and how does you feel after the spankings and the effects of not receiving them? 

Antwi responded to me 

"I feel very disciplined after spanking. And I become a naughty boy when I'm not getting spanking please Daddy"

I often wondered , when a person is subject to spankings [ domestic discipline] for a long period of time, if they miss the discipline and if they actually learned anything from them. Antwi answered the question for me.

Many of the nee followers and Viewers are new to Antwi . 

Antwi is a young black male from Ghana 🇬🇭 . He came to me many years ago for domestic discipline and has been a contributor to Discipline Matters.  He is an obedient young man that helps out his family on a daily basis. There is not to much mischief that he gets into, but when he does, he really gets into it. 

Antwi also is in the music industry in Ghana and has a couple of albums and videos surfacing on the net, a couple I have posted .

Antwi is making a comeback on discipline matters and wants his fans and followers to know 

" Tell them I will surprise them with pleasant videos and pictures very soon they should expect something great and new"

Stay Tuned into  Discipline Matters for further updates.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Antwi's Week

Happy Saturday  to all the followers, viewers and contributors to Discipline Matters. 

Antwi has gotten back into the swing of things. He has finished his two weeks of being grounded for his last offense. 

But we are going to put that behind us now and we are going to go forward he really wants to reach out to and connect with all of you all of his fans and all of his viewers. 

In all actuality he submitted his pictures and 
videos on Wednesday 

but I felt that they were not good enough for his viewers and his fans so today, he remade some of his photos 

and his videos. 

I collaborated a good bit of them and put them in a short video at the end.

Antwi is hoping that you all will enjoy and leave a comment at the bottom to let him know how you really feel and don't be afraid to go in deep and tell him about the punishment that he really needs or the maintenance spankings that he should receive he is willing and able... His big, round, Brown and Cherry red bottom needs all the discipline he can get.

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