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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Antwi's obedience

Today Antwi is still in repentance to his fans and wanted to contribute a different type of T.W.W. ( Tighty Whitey Wednesday)

Being a young boy growing up in today's society, I can somewhat understand Antwi's way of thinking. I think we all have been in a state of confusion. 

But, growing up in today's or yesterday's society, gives him or no other boy any excuse for being disrespectful to their parents. 

We as domestic disciplinarians have a job to do. When our boys or girls come to this wayward way of thinking, we must start the punishment process and grab their attention and bring them back to reality. 

The problem with Antwi { Antwan} was that he had become spoiled and Rotten. 
He had gotten use to the idea of getting what he wanted and how he wanted it and when he wanted it. 

The day that he had gotten beside himself, was the day that reality had to be applied to the boys backside. 

The type of punishment that had to be administered was not just a normal over the knee spanking. 

This punishment had to be severe, severe enough where the boy would not ever forget, never forget the reason why he is being punished and never forget his place.  His place as your boy and his place under you. 

Sometimes we as domestic disciplinarians get carried away when we want to do and do for our subordinates/ sons/ boys/ or girls. I think that we just want the best for them, and do not want to see them want or need for anything. 

But when they notice this and become souled and spoiled  in thinking the way Antwi was thinking and lose respect for himself and others. It's time to beat that ass. 

We must teach our boys that it is a privilege to be trained, cared for and loved by people of our stature. This is something that we want to do, not what we have to do. Take this message and drive it into their backsides, 

Some times this is the only way, to get to them, because their head is clogged with unethical thinking, but when the pain develops good morning yeah really yeah in their ass,, seems their mind becomes more clear. 

But once your point has been reached and your lecture has been given. Even though he was a bad boy, you  must still show him love and care. But truthfully, that's why you are discipling him, because you care. 

Like Antwi, I was mad as all hell, but more hurt than anything. Like I said before, when he came back with his apologies and such, I had to make him feel some of what he had dished out. 

But now that his punishment { physical} is over, now it's time to get back to basics but with a different outlook. His punishment still continues for the next two weeks and then and only then is when he will be lifted in forgiveness.

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